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November 17 2022

Graffiti Removed from Boundary Wall

The boundary wall of this Southern Water property in Lewes had been prone to graffiti hits and the client wanted a smarter solution to allow quicker removal of future graffiti.

January 14 2022

Tough and Fast Cure Flooring at Acton Town Train Depot

Heavy-duty industrial flooring is often needed in locations where large machinery and impacts could cause damage.  These sites often also require the shortest down-time possible to avoid disruption to service.

January 14 2022

Anti-Slip Coating
Heathrow Airport

This project was an application process to a 243 square metre section of one of the air bridges.

January 14 2022

Anti Slip Coating To Improve Passenger Safety

Application of an anti-slip system to the floors at the top of Platform 7 was undertaken, to improve safety of passengers passing through the station.

July 16 2021

Floor Coating to Plant Room

Plant room floors can be subjected to a lot of heavy duty wear and tear and the client wanted a refurbishment carried out.

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