Tough and Fast Cure Flooring at Acton Town Train Depot

Application of polyurea industrial flooring

Heavy-duty industrial flooring is often needed in locations where large machinery and impacts could cause damage.  These sites often also require the shortest down-time possible to avoid disruption to service.


Acton Town Depot required a heavy-duty flooring system as the existing painted floors were suffering damage from heavy machinery and impact from heavy train parts such as axles and train wheels whilst maintenance was being undertaken.

The Work

AGS applied a hot spray polyurea system to the floor which is a tough hard-wearing seamless spray application of up to 3mm dry film thickness. This has the benefits of being tough on impact, high abrasion resistance and high slip resistance especially on oiled surfaces.

The floor area was prepared using hand grinders prior to the application of the primers and the polyurea top coat.

The hot spray polyurea is a fast cure system and is walkable within 8 seconds, so shut down times were reduced to a minimum, with minimum disturbance to the machine operators and engineers.

  • The product used is accredited with CE Certification which is more advantageous than a BBA approval.
  • It provides a fast waterproof crack and repair system that takes only minutes to apply and cure to a final waterproof anti-slip surface
  • It has engineered elongation to 330% to account for substrate movements.

The Result

Impact tests were carried out after the application which showed excellent results. As the polyurea is pigmented in the chosen colour, the need for re-painting the floor with standard paints every six months became a thing of the past, saving both time and money.

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