Anti Slip Coating To Improve Passenger Safety

Gatwick Airport Train Station

Application of an anti-slip system to the floors at the top of Platform 7 was undertaken, to improve safety of passengers passing through the station.


The landing at the top of Platform 7 had slip issues caused by wet or damp surfaces which occurred mainly during the winter months in poor weather. After testing the rubber floor surface during our initial survey, the results showed a high risk of slip.

The Work

AGS were asked to supply an anti-slip system that could be easily cleaned and maintain slip resistance. We suggested the application of the Recoat Floor Anti-Slip (matt finish) system.


  • Recoat is passenger dry in very short working times in standard weather conditions.
  • Recoat has all the fire ratings needed for airports and London Underground
  • Recoat is easy to clean yet has great anti-slip properties
  • Recoat can also be applied to vinyl as well as hard surfaces, ie, stone
  • High abrasion and wear resistance.


  • Remove all contaminates from floor surface using chemicals and floor scrubber
  • Apply 1 coat of Recoat Primer 1.5 hour cure
  • Apply 1 coat of Recoat Anti Slip – light trafficable after 2-3 hours

The Result

We found that the appearance of the surface had improved as well as the anti-slip levels. The coating applied was a matt finish, so blended in well with the surrounding floor.

The wet slip results (which is where the floor was considered dangerous prior to the application of the coating) had improved dramatically and is well within the low risk of slip level.

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