Graffiti Removed from Boundary Wall

Old brick wall rejuvenated

The boundary wall of this Southern Water property in Lewes had been prone to graffiti hits and the client wanted a smarter solution to allow quicker removal of future graffiti.


The client not only requested that the graffiti be removed, but asked for a solution which would allow a faster clean up for any future hits. It is commonly known that if graffiti is removed very quickly after application, the culprits are less likely to return to the site to re-apply.

After discussions with the client, it was agreed that following thorough cleaning we would apply a sacrificial coating which would be invisible, not change the natural colour of the brickwork and be permeable, allowing the substrate to breathe.

The Work

Once all vegetation was removed, the wall was jet-washed to remove the graffiti in several locations.  Then the remainder of the brickwork was also completely cleaned, resulting in a uniform appearance along its length.

When the brickwork was clean and dry, a sacrificial coating was applied to entire wall.  This product is completely biodegradable and reversible with hot water, meaning that future cleaning can take place quickly and efficiently, needing only spot re-application to the affected area.

Due to the busy location, for safety reasons, some of this work was undertaken at night.

The Result

This old wall has been transformed from tired and dirty to bright, clean and graffiti-free. The client and locals are delighted with the finished job, and we’re delighted to have received enquiries for a number of other unrelated sites where similar treatment is required.

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