April 15 2021

Environmental Responsibility

Recent initiatives to reduce waste, curb our reliance on single use plastics and decrease energy use have been really simple to introduce but have tangible benefits.

We are committed to becoming more environmentally responsible and are always looking for ways to do this. Staff are encouraged to put forward any ideas to achieve our goal, both for project work and in the general running of our offices, and any successful proposers receive a thank you voucher.

  • We have installed LED lighting in our offices and smart lighting in our communal areas to reduce our energy usage.
  • Used coffee pods are returned to Nespresso via their recycling scheme. The (infinitely recyclable) aluminium is cleaned and melted down ready to re-work, and the grounds are turned into compost for farming use.
  • We refill all of our handwash dispensers from large pouches, which use up to 85% less plastic than single use bottles.
  • Some of our fleet is now electric, with more being introduced as vehicles reach replacement dates.
  • We have electric car charging points in both Brighton and London.

It may seem like small steps, but we’re trying to play our part in protecting our planet.

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