May 10 2022

Cyber Essentials Renewed

AGS One has once again renewed its government-backed Cyber Essentials certification.

AGS One Cyber Essentials

Attaining this certification requires reviews of in-house and external systems throughout the year to ensure that company data is protected and safe from cyber-attacks, covering all aspects of protecting our network and email accounts from hacking attempts. Cyber Essentials also covers data loss prevention such as phishing, malware, viruses and password brute force attacks and mobile device management.

Methods of maintaining strong defences, such as MFA (multi factor authentication) being rolled out to staff, are now essential for most businesses, taking commitment from all involved to be aware of the types of possible threat and avoiding anything which looks suspicious.

In some cases, Cyber Essentials is mandatory for businesses wishing to bid for specific government contracts, particularly where they will involve the handling of personal information or delivering certain IT products and services, as it demonstrates that they have achieved the standards and met the technical requirements defined by the scheme.

Head of IT, Jock Andrew, said “I’d like to thank all staff for the efforts made to help AGS One remain Cyber-compliant for 2022. It’s a process that we have to work on all year to ensure that we are able to apply for each year’s certification.”

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