Village War Memorial Clean

Cleaning undertaken prior to Remembrance Day

Rottingdean Preparatory School War Memorial is situated close to our Head Office in Brighton, and we provide an annual clean prior to the Remembrance Day parade and service.


We have been cleaning this stone memorial for a number of years as a local community service.  In the course of a year, algae and atmospheric dirt build up and adhere to the stonework, detracting from the appearance of this valued local monument.

The local community were worried that the damage done by soiling may permanently stain the stonework.

The Work

Our experienced team attended site and used the DOFF cleaning system, which was chosen as the best method for the task.  Balancing the combination of water volume, pressure and temperature whilst maintaining an appropriate distance of the nozzle from the work is an essential skill required to clean effectively whilst conserving the surface material.

Both the monument itself and the surrounding stonework were restored to a clean condition.

The Result

The finished result was a fully cleaned memorial, and our efforts to restore it were much appreciated by the local residents.

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