Pest Bird Management for Haringey Council

A planned preventative programme of pest bird control

AGS Pest Control have been working with Haringey Council since 2022 to successfully implement a Pest Bird Management programme at the Broadwater Farm Estate in Tottenham.


At the beginning of the control programme in 2022, hundreds of birds could be seen flocking around the estate.

AGS Pest Control were called in to determine the best way of dealing with this issue, as there were health and safety concerns associated with pest birds and bird fouling.

The Work

After some initial population control activities in 2022, the number of birds was seen to have significantly decreased, so we moved to the next phase of work involving deterrence and scaring.

Hawking is cost-effective and natural form of bird control whereby a ‘Bird of Prey’ is flown around a site to ‘scare’ birds.  Jack and Stella the Harris Hawk have been doing just that on a regular basis.

We hope you’ll agree that Stella is a beautiful hawk – enjoy watching this video of her at work with her handler, Jack.

The Result

The presence of a potential predator will, over time, modify behaviour so the target pest birds believe the area is ‘not safe’ to feed, roost or nest. This will mean the birds are less likely to choose the area to nest and rear their young. By doing so over a long period, the presence of a hawk will reduce and prevent nesting birds on site, therefore controlling the bird population.


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