Pedestrian Directional Signage

Additional signage prepared and fitted at Balham Station during Covid-19.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, it was all about keeping everyone safe.  This project falls into this category, working with a London station to help travellers and workers maintain a safe distance from each other.


Our client requested the fabrication, printing and fitting of additional pedestrian directional signage to a staircase at Balham Station with the aim of keeping the public safe.  This signage was to be added to existing, with a view to reducing the interaction between members of the public when entering or exiting the staircase to the platforms.

The client asked us to supply and fit this signage to the staircase including the stair risers, hanging signs above the stairs and various wall mounted signs to the approach of the staircase both top and bottom.

The Work

We quickly sourced the different types of clear directional signage in the form of hanging signs, stair risers, floor signage and wall signage.

Fitting by our team took place overnight for safety reasons and to avoid any disruption to pedestrian movements within the station itself during the day.

The Result

After fitting, not only was clear direction given to the public when walking on the staircase, but the whole area took on a smarter appearance.

The client was delighted with the end result.

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