Improving Air Quality on London Underground

AGS provide award winning service to improve air quality on London Underground.

Air quality in London generally and the underground network is known to be poor, but TfL/LU are keen to make improvements, especially below ground, to increase the air quality for all stakeholders.


With some imposed changes to our long term track and tunnel cleaning contract with LU, we proposed new ways in which to fulfil our contractual obligations without lowering our service standards.  This consisted of adapting our working practices to include new methods which would deliver cost efficiencies, whilst at the same time improving air quality and cleanliness in the tunnels.

Our client was happy to accept the proposal that this would be superior to what had been delivered previously, as was our aim.

The Work

Our research showed that HEPA-filtration vacuums are particularly effective at minimising air contamination, removing smaller harmful dust particles below 4.3um, a big improvement on the older method of dustpan and broom.  We knew that this would make a big impact on air quality.

Our expanded teams were equipped with HEPA-filtered vacuums to clean thousands of metres of tunnels per year. This enhanced method provided improved cleanliness, air quality and, most importantly, is better for the health of LU staff and the public alike.

The Result

The client was very happy with this innovation, saying “AGS One has recently supported several of our innovative air quality trials. They have consistently maximised efficiencies by adjusting their operational practices to meet our needs”.

This is evidenced by station inspections which revealed cleanliness scores of 85% with the HEPA filtered vacuums, compared to only 53% for the original method of delivery.

We are pleased to say that this initiative won us the TfL Supplier Awards 2019, Award for Efficiencies.

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