Graffiti Removal from Rolling Stock

Successful removal of graffiti presents a clean image to our client’s customers.

It is important that the exterior of rolling stock on the rail network, where cleanliness and client image are vital, is kept clean and free from unsightly graffiti.

Graffiti removal is at the very roots of our business – it’s something we do very well.


Our client’s scope was to have graffiti removed from rolling stock within 24 hours to enable the continuation of service. The specified response time was well within our capability, and we were able to offer a range of methods and products to complete this work as required. Coupled with our previously well-proven abilities in this field, the contract was awarded.

The Work

A team of qualified PTS trained operatives was sent to site within 6 hours to remove the graffiti.

After receiving permission to proceed from the SPM, the team proceeded to log on where the train was stabled, using local log in procedures.

The graffiti removal was carried out in the sidings, with absorbent mats and covers used on the ground in order to prevent any chemicals penetrating into the soil.

Graffiti removal process was followed in accordance with set guidelines.

All stickers affected (faded) during the process of graffiti removal were replaced by the graffiti removal team.

The Result

The work was carried out on time and to the required standard.

On completion of the works, the unit was inspected by the client to check for an effective result, and signed off as completed to their satisfaction.

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